The Tripp Report

As I was making a smooth exit from the glory days of graduate school, I met a professor who never met me. He was chair of the Biology Department. He studied the genetics of a model organism. I always assumed he never cared much for research concerning the rest of biodiversity. Right before graduating, I heard him introduce a seminar speaker, and right then did I learn my lesson about making assumptions. He taught me the meaning of Biology with a capital "B".

Welcome to a research lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with broad interests in the evolution of biodiversity on Earth. We specialize in plant and lichen biodiversity, but celebrate all research in Biology… the science of endless forms most beautiful...

C105 Ramaley Hall, Boulder, CO, 80302, United States

A research lab at the University of Colorado Boulder with interests in flowering plant/lichen biodiversity and evolution. This website is undergoing renovation and will be fully online by October 10.